Transportation from Guatemala City Airport to Panajachel

We can arrange 2 types of transportation from Guatemala City Airport to Panajachel, collective transportation and private transportation.

Colective Transportation

Pick up or drop off in the city of Guatemala only airport as well as zone 9, 10, 13, zone 4 (only Conquistador Ramadan) or Cristobal Colon / Fuentes del Norte / Hotel Pan-American in zone 1 .

Availability and Departure times

Every days, 06:00 Hrs / 09:30 Hrs / 13:00 Hrs

Departure point

Airport or your hotel / address (PLEASE SPECIFY WITH EXACT DETAILS as well as a local PHONE NUMBER , if a hotel with the HOTEL NAME)

Travel time

4.5 hours


40.00 USD

Only 01 big bag and 1 handbag allowed . You will be charged extra for more bags (5 USD $ per bag)

  • If you arrive with international flight we strongly recommend you to use PRIVATE shuttle, collective shuttles do not wait!

Private Transportation

Please contact us to receive a quote for private transportation, write to us including the following information:

  • Date of travel
  • Point of departure and point of arrival
  • Departure time
  • Number of passengers


Transporte para Panajachel, Lago de Atitlán Guatemala

Book Transportation from Guatemala City to Panajachel

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